We hold that business should be conducted with care for the natural environment. Therefore, we have implemented a number of actions at all levels of our enterprise to ensure all our activity has positive impact on the environment.

GRI: [G4‑DMA, G4‑EN8,…] G4‑DMA, G4‑EN8, G4‑EN10

Impact on the environment

Conducting business in an ecologically sustainable way is an integral part of our Company’s mission. That is why we constantly take care that in all stages of our product development, we identify and monitor any activity that can have a negative impact on the environment. In order to achieve this, we define long-term objectives, set programmes and use tools dedicated to this.


Water is an extremely important resource in our business as it is essential for the production of surfactants. Water is also used for cooling purposes, as well as for social supplies for our employees. For industrial purposes, we use water from river springs. For social and living purposes, we take water from deep wells. In 2016, we used a total of approximately 442 102 m3 of water for our needs. We are constantly striving to use it more rationally, bearing in mind the fact that the intake and purification of the water is connected with energy consumption and thus with the generation of additional CO2 emissions to the air.

The water processed and reused in the Company’s production processes is cooling water. The circulation of this takes place in a closed circuit. The annual cooling water intake in 2016 amounted to 353 941 m3, i. e. 80% of the total water intake.

Percentage and total volume of processed and reused water




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