We hold that business should be conducted with care for the natural environment. Therefore, we have implemented a number of actions at all levels of our enterprise to ensure all our activity has positive impact on the environment.

GRI: [G4‑DMA, G4‑EN22,…] G4‑DMA, G4‑EN22, G4‑EN23, G4‑EN25, G4‑EN29, G4‑EN31, G4‑EN34

Impact on the environment

Conducting business in an ecologically sustainable way is an integral part of our Company’s mission. That is why we constantly take care that in all stages of our product development, we identify and monitor any activity that can have a negative impact on the environment. In order to achieve this, we define long-term objectives, set programmes and use tools dedicated to this.

Sewage and Waste

Our sewage management is based on actions that do not lead to a deterioration in the ecological status of waters and ecosystems dependent on the enterprise. Production processes related to our operations generate, among others, industrial sewage and spent cooling water. In administrative areas, domestic sewage is generated, which accounts for 13% of the total amount of sewage generated.

Sewage from the activities on the premises of the PCC Group in Brzeg Dolny is sent by way of the collective sewage system, to the On-site Sewage Treatment Plant. All sewage is then treated by mechanical-chemical and biological processes and then directed to the Odra River. Sewage generated by the production division in Płock is directed to the sewage system of the sewage treatment plant belonging to PKN ORLEN. Here, it is treated via mechanical-chemical and biological processes and then directed to the Vistula River.

Total volume of sewage by quality and final destination


Our activities generate waste which we try to limit already at the design stage. Taking this aspect into account, waste is also generated during our product manufacture. Thus, our investment in modern technologies based on BAT assumptions is aimed at reducing the waste generated and simultaneously increasing production. Our waste management practices are also related to the awareness of employees, and are built upon internally agreed principles regulated by procedures or normative acts and trainings. In our waste management practices, we selectively store waste in designated and marked for this purpose places and pass it on to entities holding permissions required by law. We thus fulfil our obligation to ensure the legal recovery and recycling of packaging waste through a contract with the Industry Recovery Organisation SA.

Total weight of waste according to type

Hazardous waste is transported in cooperation with specialised companies providing logistic services which hold the required permissions for waste reception and handling, and which have means of transportation dedicated to transporting hazardous waste.



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