Our company is a combination of the most modern technology, experience, and effective operation in the area of design, production, and sales of surfactants.

GRI: [G4‑3, G4‑4,…] G4‑3, G4‑4, G4‑5, G4‑8, G4‑9

About us

Our company includes chemical products, both of a mass-produced and specialised character. Within these two product groups we offer anionic, cationic, non-ionic, and amphoteric surfactants, as well as chemical formulations for many industrial applications. As a manufacturer focused on the individual needs of customers looking for universal and economic formulation components, the company is constantly expanding its product portfolio.

Who we are

The principles of sustainable production and consumption and corporate social responsibility are important issues that are respected at all levels of the company’s business.

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PCC EXOL SA, through the implementation of management systems, internal Code of Ethics and actively promoting the idea of Sustainable Development, constantly creates a positive image among our stakeholders involved in the company’s activities.

At each level of our organisation ethical priorities are strongly associated with areas such as discrimination, environmental protection, and respect for human rights. All of these values are taken into account in the decision-making processes made at the highest levels of the company.

Kamilla Spark

Member of the Supervisory Board

Being a technologically advanced company, PCC EXOL SA focuses on continuous efforts to increase the share of specialised surfactants in the product portfolio, and thus in sales revenue. The company is consistently pursuing its long-term strategy of maintaining its leading position in the markets of Eastern and Central Eastern Europe. It is equally effective in intensifying its activities in the markets of Western Europe, America and Asia.


Surfactants are used in many branches of industry throughout the world. We find them in surrounding objects (e.g., clothes, plastics) as well as in cosmetics, powders, and washing liquids we use every day. They are present in our daily lives, although we often do not even realise their existence.

PCC EXOL SA in numbers

we hire over 220 people in Poland

we produce over 300 products for use in many branches

we supply our products to more than 350 customers from all over the world

Poland  – 117 customers

Europe – 214 customers

World    – 20 customers

we have production facilities with a capacity of over 117 thousand tons per year



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