Mutual understanding of needs is the starting point for effective communication and thus fruitful cooperation.

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The fundamental value of our Company is to build stable customer relations. Our objective is to provide our customers with stable values, and the measure of its implementation is the level of contractors’ satisfaction. In producing chemical substances of the highest quality, we ensure the highest standards of customer safety and quality.

Our Relations

We are the market leader in the production of surfactants in Poland, in Eastern and in Central-Eastern Europe. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we also design and produce surfactants on special order, and our R&D department, through direct cooperation with customers, modifies products to perfectly meet the expectations and needs of the receivers. The Company’s products are used in both the industrial and cosmetics trade, as well as in that of the detergents. Moreover, each year, new, dynamically operating international companies, representing various industry trades, join the group of our strategic customers.

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)

In order to continuously monitor the level of satisfaction of our customers and to continuously improve the adopted business strategy, we conduct a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).

The tool used in the CSI is an interactive survey. As a result of the obtained information, we prepare a report covering the areas requiring carry-over, or slight improvement, which are considered exceptional and those to which more significant changes need be introduced.

Participating within the survey, each customer has an opportunity to assess the existing cooperation with the Company in terms of the level of satisfaction of expectations in relation to the delivered product, the timeliness of deliveries, the quality of packaging, the access to technical information, the quality of trade services, the level of competence of our employees and the quality of completeness of the presented offers.


Our customers’ responses are analysed in terms of the importance of a given area and the level of satisfaction expressed. Such information reveals to us the areas important for our contractors, both those which are satisfactory and those with potential for improvement. The graph below shows the main conclusions obtained from the conducted research.



The product portal is an online catalogue of PCC Group products. In it we provide information on the over 800 chemical products and formulations used as raw materials, additives, reagents or ready-to-use preparations that we supply.

The functionality of the portal makes it possible to identify the products by indicating the group of compounds to which they belong and by specifying the means of the trade index in which they are used.

Our selecting of the products that meet customer needs is facilitated by the filter system and other tools that facilitate ease of communication.


Our Sales Department responds to all customer comments, observations and doubts. Communication can take place via telephone, e-mail and direct meeting – either in the client’s offices or at the Company’s registered office. The issues raised usually relate to several basic areas, namely the level of implementation of planned investments, current prices of offered products or complaints. Feedback is provided by a qualified team from our Sales Department which in turn are supported by our Product Marketing Department. This feedback can be in oral form either unofficially or officially, by phone or via e-mail.



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