By attaining new markets and unlocking hitherto unknown business areas, we promote sustainable chemistry, geared towards rational use of resources and safeguarding the natural environment.

GRI: [G4‑DMA, G4‑EN30,…] G4‑DMA, G4‑EN30, G4‑9

Our Business

We continually strive to increase the value of our company, effectively using our potential, innovation and resources. We maintain a strong position as a leading surfactant manufacturer in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. We acquire new markets and discover unknown areas of business. We promote sustainable chemistry that is geared towards rational use of resources and care for the natural environment.


In a comprehensive approach to the adopted idea of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility in PCC EXOL SA, a sustainable supply chain is an important place. For PCC EXOL SA, which is present in many international markets, it has become an indispensable and integral part of running a credible business.

Being both the principal of the purchase of goods and services and the supplier of chemicals to other entities, we are aware of the importance of high standards throughout the value chain. We constantly improve our standards of conduct and promote them among our contractors.

Our products are transported mainly by road transport, where the largest number are tankers. Qualification of some of our products, as those subject to the ADR * international convention are conditional on participation from the PCC Group in the SPOT Help System for the purpose of helping to deal with the effects of a breakdown that may occur during transport.

In addition to road transport, we also use rail and sea transport. This transport is significant in the area of non-European routes, but also in the case of carriage of certain raw materials for which road transport would be economically unreasonable or would involve an increased risk of transport itself (hazardous materials).

*ADR – (Accord Européen Relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route). This is an international convention concerning the carriage of goods and loads by road.

In 2016, we did not report any transport accidents that could pose a threat to the environment.

Constantly modernised IT and system tools allow optimisation of the transport management process and increased control.

It also contributes to increased levels of process and environmental safety, reduced claims and reduced transport costs.

All our subcontractors providing transport services are obliged to adhere to certain requirements in the General Terms of Service or Transport Orders. Realisation of the purchase of transport services takes place via a logistic platform, involving the logistics and planning staff. This allows for transparent transactions and optimisation of transport, which in turn translates into financial savings and environmental benefits.

Being a company that is committed to respecting social, ecological, and ethical standards, we are pursuing one of the goals of promoting standards among employees as well as all other stakeholders. As a result, we have implemented and published the Supplier Ethics Code, which sets the framework for required standards of conduct.

It is based on 3 fundamental pillars:

Our company fleet of passenger cars is comprised of economical low emission models based on specialised recycling procedures for car waste.



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