Our dialogue with stakeholders, based on transparency and openness, depends on the specificity of their expectations and defined needs.

GRI: [G4‑20, G4‑21,…] G4‑20, G4‑21, G4‑24, G4‑25, G4‑26, G4‑27


The assumptions of the business strategy and the analysis of the areas of direct and indirect impact of our operations allowed us to identify 7 groups of stakeholders with whom we maintain regular dialogue. The form of dialogue with particular groups of stakeholders depends on the specificity of their expectations and defined needs. Therefore, we use it as an integral tool for managing and building the Company’s sustainable development strategy.

Methods of communication


We improve mutual communication systems based on the principles of transparency, using accessible techniques of information transfer and feedback. This helps us to build new relations and maintain current ones with all groups of entities involved or interested in our Company’s operations.


Social and environmental challenges which are important for the implementation of our business strategy, have become the basis of our dialogue with stakeholders. We improve existing and proven channels of communication with stakeholders, complementing them with new tools and methods of effective dialogue. Thanks to this, we are more aware of the expectations related to our Company and our operations. Defined expectations in comparison with the surfactant market trends, not only show us the direction of shaping our business strategy in a way that suits the needs of the market, but also allow us to take further steps towards improvement in accordance with the adopted idea of Sustainable Development.


In 2017, we will implement the AA1000 standard guidelines in order to strengthen cooperation with stakeholders and build a greater trust in the Company.

Employees Customers Suppliers Shareholders and Investors State Administration Institutions Local community Science
Direct meetings            
Open Days      
Conferences, trade trainings
Audits, inspections
Phone, e-mail
Internet, Press, TV
Social media


We have involved our stakeholders in the creation process of  this report. The expectations and opinions expressed by them are a summary of the actions implemented by our Company so far, and are an inspiration for planning the subsequent.

As part of the dialogue with stakeholders, we have conducted individual consultations with leaders for areas important from the point of view of the Company and trade. In this manner, we have identified significant issues that have been included in this report.


The analysis of key issues was carried out on the basis of available results in trade reports, dialogue with stakeholders related to our Company and on the basis of existing business, legal, social and other relations.

In the dialogue with stakeholders, we focused on areas which were identified as crucial in the analysis of internal and external processes and aspects.

The most important are:

Matrix of materiality of issues for the Company and its stakeholders



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