The degree of our involvement in the organisation and support of various community and volunteering initiatives would not be possible without the broad support of our employees.

GRI: [G4‑27]

Local community

We conduct our business activity taking into account social interests, as well as economic and environmental. An important element of developing our business strategy in this area is building a solid image of being a socially responsible enterprise. We implement our activities on the basis of organising pro-environmental activity and of promoting pro-ecological behaviours, as well as through building a safe and friendly workplace.

Our Relations

Our comprehensive approach to communication manifests itself in initiating dialogue with stakeholders from the very start of designing, implementing and putting into action a given investment task or other operational actions. This approach ensures that the Company builds long-term relationships with stakeholders, including the local community.

On the basis of established long-term relations, we maintain a permanent and transparent dialogue with the local community.

The dialogue is conducted through PCC Group of Companies employee representatives, and it is aimed at informing local citizens about potential threats, answering questions asked by residents and providing information on the results of environmental monitoring.

The local community communication activity implemented in 2016 was based mainly on providing information concerning issues in the areas of environmental protection, workplace safety and accident prevention, as well as that of the structure and principles of employment.

In the conducted communication, we use a tool individually adjusted to the type of issues discussed by the interested parties.


The annual Open Day on the premises of the PCC Group in Brzeg Dolny is an important element of our local community dialogue and that with other interested parties. The event is addressed mainly to the residents of Brzeg Dolny and the surrounding towns, and it makes it possible to familiarise the interested parties with the specifics of the entire PCC Group’s work. During the ongoing Open Day, visitations and discussion panels devoted to the development strategy of the PCC Group Companies are organised for all interested parties.


One means of conducting dialogue with the local community is for our PCC ROKITA SA Security and Prevention Bureau and the Environmental Protection Bureau to participate, on behalf of the PCC Group Companies, in the meetings of the Commission at the City Council in Brzeg Dolny. Such meetings, held several times a year, are an opportunity to continue a transparent dialogue with the local authorities and residents of the city. During the meetings, actions are set out that are aimed at mitigating potential negative impact of the PCC Group Companies’ operations on the environment and local community.


The distribution of information in the form of printed leaflets, information posters, banners and press materials is also an effective way of communicating with stakeholders, including the local community. The Internet has also become an additional, significant channel of communication. Through this, we build positive mutual relations by publishing necessary information on the Company’s webpage, or by posting information on the current events.


Taking into account the speed with which we need to react to potential threats, a special phone number has been launched for all Brzeg Dolny residents who are within the immediate area of the plant.



On the basis of transparent principles of the communication actions, we will continue meeting with the local community as often as possible.

We fully believe that all planned business objectives are only achievable by building and developing positive relations with our stakeholders that are based on transparent and uniform principles of communication.


Comments and observations concerning our business activities, all residents can report via the available communication tools, including the dedicated helpline.

The helpline is operated by the Plant Dispatcher. This individual holds the obligation to verify each report and to provide feedback to the reporting party.



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