With the dynamic development of our Company, ethical responsibility is becoming an important part of our business culture.

GRI: [G4‑SO4, G4‑SO5] G4‑SO4, G4‑SO5

Ethics in the Company

As part of the accepted idea of corporate social responsibility and promotion of an ethical culture, we have implemented a number of regulations that are applicable to all employees, subcontractors and business partners associated with our organisation. Each document covering ethical issues in the Company is issued in at least two language versions: Polish and English.

Anti-Corruption Policy

The document emphasising the principles and values in the area of corruption prevention included in the Code of Conduct in PCC EXOL SA is the published Anti-Corruption Policy implemented by the Management Board. It sets out a number of principles related to countering corruption and violation of the law, the 4 basic issues of which are:

The Anti-Corruption Policy functions as a document introduced in the Company by the Resolution of the Management Board. It applies to all employees of the Company in both locations.

In 2016, we did not record any corrupt activity and there was no court case pending against the Company regarding corruption.


We aim to maintain the absence of corruption activity in the years to come.



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