Our success depends primarily on our employees. We are aware of the fact that it is only with their full cooperation and commitment that we will achieve our business objectives.

GRI: [G4‑DMA, G4‑LA9,…] G4‑DMA, G4‑LA9, G4‑LA10, G4‑LA11, G4‑HR2


We properly manage the competences and individual goals of our employees, enabling them to equally develop knowledge, skills and behaviours in a manner adequate to the needs and expectations defined by them. Based on transparent dialogue, we will always implement the accepted business strategy with the cooperation and commitment of all employees – through meeting their expectations.

Education and Trainings

Depending on the needs of our employees, we organise information and training meetings, enabling the transfer of necessary knowledge about the products offered by the Company, to among others, persons taking up employment.

Monitoring the participation in a wide range of trainings allows the firm to calculate the average number of training hours per employee.


Average number of training hours per employee according to employment category, for 2016:





Managers Specialists Production Total
Total number
of hours
208 293 846 1 347
Average number
of hours
9,4 6,3 6,8 7,0

Number of training hours broken down by sex:




Women Men Total
Total number
of hours
424 923 1 347
Average number
of hours
6,6 7,2 7,0



Continuously improving procedures, motivating effective use of knowledge and ensuring the sharing of this with others is of great importance in the development of our employees’ competences.

We are enthusiastic in enabling our employees to participate in a wide range of trainings, courses, conferences or seminars, and we subsidise language courses and study at institutes of higher learning.



With regard to the group of new employees, we conduct mentoring. Herein, each new employee is supported by an experienced team member. The mentor’s role is to ensure proper incorporation of the new employee within the Company’s culture, that they understand its principles and practices, and to provide substantive support, allowing for faster adaptation of the employee to workplace environment.


We conduct internal trainings within the framework of an established annual internal training plan. Their implementation is carried out mainly by employees of the Marketing and Sustainable Development Department. The scope of such training shall include, among others, ethical conduct principles, human rights, diversity principles, anti-corruption policy and product trainings.

We consider training to be an important factor in the development of employees’ competence, and that this has a positive impact on mutual relations, thus reducing the risk of harmful conflicts in the workplace.

Internal trainings allow us to share our knowledge and competences. Moreover, it allows us to promote the Company’s values which form the basis for the overall business strategy.

We continuously provide training to all employees of the Company in the scope of accepted principles concerning human rights.



As a result of cooperation with CWB Partner Sp. z o. o., we enable our employees to undergo external trainings within the framework of a training programme for each group of employees, this being defined for a given calendar year.

Our continuous willingness to broaden the competences and nature of the work, has induced our employees to request permission from the Management Board for participation in several external trainings. This type of training allows one to put one’s knowledge to practical use automatically after the training. Among the various training techniques available, the most preferred are:

  • dedicated trainings on specialised competence acquisition in a given field
  • conferences increasing the knowledge in a selected field and allowing the establishment of contacts with various experts
  • seminars enabling meetings of different employee groups and the conducting of methodological discussions
  • e-learning – which allows for minimising costs and for great flexibility in terms of curriculum content of trainings or individual learning time


With a view to support employees in improving their professional qualifications (understood as gaining or supplementing knowledge and skills), we have introduced certain principles in this respect. These include the fulfilment of specific guidelines regulating cooperation in subsidising such by both the employee and the employer. The subsidising system is based on mutual benefits which include the employee’s improvement of professional qualifications, and, in relation to the employer, the maintenance of a stable employment structure.



The scholarship program is one of the forms of reaching out to the best students (and thus obtaining potential employees of the highest caliber), right from the very beginning of their career path. The programe is addressed mainly to students of the Master’s Degree at Faculties of Chemistry at the Wrocław University of Science Technology, The University of Wrocław and the Warsaw University of Technology.

Under the program, students conduct, for their master’s thesis, research on a mutually agreed subject.

The program lasts 10 months, and apart from providing substantive support, provides remuneration and an interpersonal training package to the accepted candidate.


As part of the “Learn about our company and the specific nature of a chemist’s work” campaign, 100 students from primary schools, junior high schools and universities (Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, The University of Wrocław and the Military Academy of Land Forces) from nearby districts visited the Company’s premises in 2016. The participating students had the opportunity to learn about the chemical industry’s procedures and practices as undertaken within the Company’s production divisions.


The student apprenticeship program is an annual program addressed to students and graduates who want to learn about the PCC Group and to develop their interests in the area of their choice. During apprenticeships, we organise interpersonal trainings for all participants, and after graduation, apprentices often apply for a permanent job in the PCC Group.


We provide valuable work experience to would-be employees by organising an internship programe. The programe requires full-time availability for at least three months, but unlike apprenticeships, interns receive remuneration. Each intern, in joining one of our teams, works on real business projects.


Our objective is to motivate students to work on their personal development, to promote good academic performance and to stimulate the development of talents in fields that are important from the point of view of the PCC EXOL Company. As part of the scholarship programme, in 2016, two students from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology and from the Silesian University of Technology had work within our Company.

Internship training

During the internship period, we organise interpersonal trainings for all participants, and after graduation, interns often apply for a permanent job in the PCC Group.


The Vocational Training Program is a three-year program of targeted teaching in which, as the PCC Group of industries, we encourage students of the Basic Vocational Schools in Brzeg Dolny and in Wołów to choose a targeted profession. The aim of this program is to improve access to the local labour market. A large percentage of students after completing apprenticeships remain in the PCC Group, gaining further professional experience.


As a part of the continuation of dual training of adolescents, in cooperation with the Vocational Schools Complex in Brzeg Dolny and Wołów, in 2016, we accepted two students from the first grade for practical vocational training as chemical trade devices operators.

The best adolescent employees of our Company are subject to the bonus system. This year, two young employees received quarterly bonuses for their good performances on apprenticeships and at school. Furthermore, we offered the best third grade students a guarantee of employment. Since September 2016, the cooperation with our company has been continued by two young employees being trained and hired as chemical trade devices operators.


As a continuation of a company sponsored Chemistry and Biology project, an educational partnership aimed at, among others, increasing the attractiveness and skills level in the scope of exact and natural sciences, we have awarded scholarships to eight high school students of the vocational training class with extended curriculum in Mathematics and Natural Sciences, in the National Education Committee High School, in the Vocational Schools Complex in Brzeg Dolny.


The open days for students are a form of presentation for all interested persons, of PCC Group activity, recruitment principles and expectations towards potential employees.



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