We hold that business should be conducted with care for the natural environment. Therefore, we have implemented a number of actions at all levels of our enterprise to ensure all our activity has positive impact on the environment.

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Impact on the environment

Conducting business in an ecologically sustainable way is an integral part of our Company’s mission. That is why we constantly take care that in all stages of our product development, we identify and monitor any activity that can have a negative impact on the environment. In order to achieve this, we define long-term objectives, set programmes and use tools dedicated to this.

Environmental protection actions

Cosmetics and detergents industries are important trades from the economic point of view – they are an important component of the domestic product, they create investments in research and development, they create new jobs.

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Cosmetics and detergents are also products that significantly influence the comfort and quality of life of their users. Producers, importers and distributors of cosmetic and detergent products, as well as the raw materials used for their production, are bound by the obligation to implement and apply European Union and Polish legislation. The multiplicity of legal acts which are also subject to frequent changes and short transition periods, as well as the lack of unitary provisions in force both in different parts of the world and in the EU itself, make it difficult for companies to operate without the support of trade organisations.

PCC Exol SA, as a member company of the Polish Cosmetic and Detergent Industry Association, has always reached out to make use of the expertise and experience of it.  PCC EXOL representatives are active participants in the Association’s working groups. They fully participate in the consultations that come into play when legal acts are modified or established, and they are fully involved in trainings and conferences in the scope of legislation.

The Polish Cosmetic and Detergent Industry Association has been in operation since 1992, and members of the Association are recognised producers and distributors, as well as commercial chains, suppliers of raw materials and other companies cooperating with the cosmetics and detergent trades. By way of their membership in the Association, they have a real impact on the conditions of the cosmetics and cleaning products trade – in Poland and in the European Union. They also gain knowledge of sectoral law – the key to the economic security of the conducted business.

The member companies, on their own initiative have been are also involved in developing products that fully embrace sustainable development. This results in the emergence on the market of products that are increasingly concentrated. This allows for smaller quantities of the product to be dispensed, and result in lower consumption of raw materials, packaging, energy and water in the production process, as well as a reduction of transportation needs, CO2 emissions and municipal waste discharge.

dr Anna Oborska

CEO of the Polish Cosmetic and Detergent Industry Association

We have included in our long-term obligations, the following:

  • Minimising negative environmental impacts
  • Subjecting ourselves voluntarily to independent audits, verifications and certification
  • Developing pro-environmental awareness among our stakeholders
  • Selecting suppliers that follow best and sustainable use of natural resources

I care about the environment

Being the implementer of the “Responsibility and Care” Programme, we actively participate in meetings organised as part of the “I Care for the Environment” campaign. The main objective of each meeting is to exchange experiences in the scope of environmental protection and to become familiar with the production plant of the host, as well as to put into practise all the principles of the “Responsibility and Care” Programme.


We follow the OPTIMA programme which aims to practise best possible health and safety procedures in the workplace, eliminate waste, as well as to improve quality, optimise introduced solutions and increase employee satisfaction. All actions undertaken within the scope of the programme contribute directly or indirectly to counteracting the adverse impacts of our activities on the environment.

Responsibility and Care

Our obligations under the “Responsibility and Care” Programme include practices aimed at the continuous improvement of environmental knowledge, the efficient use of resources and the reduction of the impact of conducted operations on the environment, the transparency of environmental performance and the effective cooperation with public administration in the scope of meeting legal requirements with regard to the environment.

Carbon Disclosure Project

By participating in the international Carbon Disclosure Project, we fully participate in the fight against climate change. One of the prestigious initiatives in this area is the widely understood reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and the putting into place internationally, actions to reduce these.


As a certified member of the RSPO organisation, we support the implementation of actions aimed at promoting the sourcing of palm oil from areas that do not contribute to the impoverishment of natural values or which otherwise negatively affect the native environment and ecosystems.

UN Global Compact

As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, we promote best environmental protection measures that are based on a preventive approach to the destruction of the natural environment. We also undertake initiatives to promote an ecological responsible attitude, as well as to promote the use and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies.


By way of our initiatives and activity, the international ECOVADIS platform has designated us as holding a golden level of Corporate Social Responsibility, thus confirming our commitment to environmental protection and to reducing the negative impact of our business activities.

OHSAS 18001

Our activity in identifying, monitoring and minimising the risk of industrial accidents directly affecting the environmental management area has resulted in us having a Certified occupational health and safety management system, according to OHSAS 18001.


We have introduced a number of internal regulations and procedures to ensure compliance with binding standards in the area of environmental protection.

In 2016, there were no breaches of applicable legal standards. Moreover. no administrative proceedings concerning environmental protection are pending against the Company and no penalties have been imposed in this area.

We use the environment in a sustainable way and pay for it in accordance with all legal requirements. Furthermore, we plan to carry out investments in existing divisions that have positive environmental effect. In 2016, our contribution to investments indirectly related to environmental protection amounted to PLN 6.9 million. Within these expenditures, we took into account investments related to reconstruction and modernisation of infrastructure and technological installations, as well as environmental charges and costs resulting from waste disposal.

Total environmental protection and investments expenses according to type

* an increase of costs and charges in 2016 resulted from the reorganisation of contractual terms and conditions of cooperation between PCC Exol SA and PCC Rokita SA.

In 2016, we did not record a single incident related to negative environmental emissions.


We carry out systematic monitoring of environmental aspects in accordance with the IPPC* permissions that we have been granted. We hold a register of environmental complaints regarding environmental impact. In addition, we have put in place a defined procedure that allows for a proper flow of information and for a quick response to all reports and incidents. These practises are described in the internal procedures that are contained within the framework of the environmental management system, according to the ISO 14001:2004 standard and in the normative acts that are established within the company and within the EU. As an implementer of the Responsibility and Care Programme, we provide information about our impact on the environment and an assessment of the effectiveness of our environmental protection actions.

*Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control

No environmental reports were registered in 2016.



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