Manufacturing and processing of chemical substances is the basic activity of our Company, and one of the most important strategic business areas covers the procurement of raw materials made as part of the current purchase strategy.

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The supply of raw materials necessary for production is not only a matter of ensuring continuity of the supply chain, but also a key element of the integrated purchase strategy of the Company. Most of the products offered by us require specialist, often difficult to access raw materials and the profitability of our production is highly dependent on the costs.

Our Relations

We ensure that the raw materials used by us come from proven sources and that our suppliers comply with the applicable regulations and guidelines.

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The specialised surfactant trade requires us to be extremely committed to the process of searching for appropriate quality of raw materials and effective dialogue with our current and potential suppliers. Identifying all stages in the entire supply chain of each of the purchased raw materials has a positive influence on ensuring an appropriate level of quality of both our products and the final products which are produced with our participation.

Monika Bazak

Purchase Manager


Communication with our suppliers is based mainly on mutual relations with Purchasing Department and Planning & Logistics Department employees. Their main role is to cooperate with contractors, as well as to search for new alternative sources of supply of raw materials and logistic services. We maintain continuous contact with suppliers using standard communication channels in the form of e-mail, phone calls or direct meetings between our employees and supplier-representatives. Our cooperation is based on a reliable and transparent dialogue which allows us to maintain long-term relations and raises the standards of offered products.

In making purchases in 2016, we cooperated with more than 75 suppliers – from all over the world.


We improve communication with suppliers by providing effective communication tools to support the information exchange process. For this purpose, a dedicated purchasing platform has been launched, addressed to all contractors interested in establishing cooperation with our Company. Its scope includes information on the framework principles of cooperation, requirements for suppliers, as well as on raw materials and services that are in demand.


Through a multi-stage audit process based on uniform, international guidelines, we will enhance the audit system of our suppliers.

Local suppliers

The Company’s registered office is located in Dolnośląskie voivodeship, in the city of Brzeg Dolny. For us, local suppliers are all contractors operating within the Dolnośląskie voivodeship.

Our cooperation takes place with many internal PCC Group Companies located in the area of Brzeg Dolny, however, the largest group of our suppliers is located in other regions of Poland, Europe and the world.



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