Our company is a combination of the most modern technology, experience, and effective operation in the area of design, production, and sales of surfactants.

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About us

Our company includes chemical products, both of a mass-produced and specialised character. Within these two product groups we offer anionic, cationic, non-ionic, and amphoteric surfactants, as well as chemical formulations for many industrial applications. As a manufacturer focused on the individual needs of customers looking for universal and economic formulation components, the company is constantly expanding its product portfolio.

PCC EXOL SA in Poland

Company Headquarters is in Brzeg Dolny – a city with a population of over 10,000, located near the capital of Lower Silesia – Wroclaw. We are a joint stock company listed on the Stock Exchange since August 3rd, 2012. The majority shareholder of the company is PCC SE.


The majority shareholder of PCC EXOL SA is PCC SE, which holds a majority of votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders, and which can exert a significant influence on the decisions concerning the most important matters of company operations. These include changes to the Articles of Incorporation, increase or reduction of the company’s share capital, issues of convertible bonds, dividends and other transactions that, pursuant to the Code of Commercial Partnerships, require a majority of votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders. PCC SE also has a sufficient number of votes to appoint members of the Supervisory Board, which in turn is responsible for determining the composition of the company’s Management Board.



The Supervisory Board consists of five to seven persons appointed for a three-year term. The mandates of the members of the Supervisory Board expire on the day of the General Meeting approving the financial statements of the company for the last full financial year of the joint mandate. The mandate of a member of the Supervisory Board, appointed before the end of a joint term of office, expiring at the same time as the mandates of other members of the Supervisory Board expire. The Supervisory Board is a collegial body and is in constant control of the company’s activities in all areas of its operations. Three members of the Audit Committee are members of the Supervisory Board.


In accordance with the statutes of the company, the Management Board consists of one to three persons, including the President of the Management Board. The Management Board is appointed by the Supervisory Board for a term of three years. The number of members of the Management Board is determined by the Supervisory Board. The newly appointed member of the Board shall continue the term of office of the previous member to whom he was appointed. Members of the Management Board may be dismissed before the end of the term of office by the Supervisory Board and the General Meeting. The competence of the Management Board includes all matters related to the company running, not reserved by law or the Statute.


The organisational structure of the company is a formal definition of relationships and dependencies between divisions, allowing the formalisation of competences and facilitates the circulation of information.




We operate in Brzeg Dolny and in Płock, and the production of our products takes place in six specialised plants, including the ethoxylation plant and the production line for the production of amphoteric surfactants (betaine). We also have our own research facilities through which we design and implement surfactants tailored to the individual needs of our customers. In 2016, the capacity of our installations was about 117 thousand tons per year.



PCC EXOL SA closed a record year with a net profit of PLN 24.6m (up 73.1% year-on-year) and EBITDA of PLN 43.1m (up 19.4% year-on-year). At the same time, the company recorded a sales revenue of PLN 455.5 million (up 7.7% year-on-year) and a sales margin of 14.5%, which was higher by 0.6 percentage points for 2015.

In 2016, the company generated an ROA at a level of 4.8%, an increase of 1.9 percentage points and a high return on ROE at a level of 10.2% (an increase of 3.9 percentage points).

Financial Year Table (in thousands of zł) 2015 2016
Revenue 422 752 455 464
– Other costs 6 288 7 079
– Employee benefits 15 109 20 608
Net Profit 14 224 24 621
* The detailed Financial Report for 2016 is available at www.pcc-exol.eu


Production of the first nonionic surfactants (ethoxylates) begins as an adjunct to industrial applications.

Launch of the plant for production of anionic surfactants (sulphated).

Zakłady Chemiczne “Rokita” SA acquires a new strategic investor – PCC SE.

The launch and official opening of a second sulphonation plant, four times increasing the capacity for anionic surfactants. PCC EXOL SA is founded.

The investment in the construction of the non-ionic surfactants plant in Płock is completed. PCC EXOL SA starts regular production of ethoxylates in the second location in Poland. The Surface Treatment Complex (KA) is separated from PCC Rokita SA and contributed in kind to PCC EXOL SA.

PCC EXOL SA makes its debut on the primary Stock Exchange in Warsaw. The company joins a group of 435 companies listed on the main trading floor, being simultaneously the 11th debutant on the market in 2012. The PCC EXOL group is established.

U.S. company PCC Chemax Inc. is incorporated into the company’s business structure, specialising in the field of specialist surfactants for various branches of industry (refining, metalworking, construction, textiles and many others). Thanks to the acquisition of a U.S.-based manufacturer with a strong position in the U.S. market, PCC EXOL SA developes its R & D activities (Research and Development), expanding its range of specialised products, starting trading in new international markets.

Completion of the new plant for betaines production, increasing the company’s production capacity by 10 thousand tons per year. The further development of the PCC EXOL capital group continues with the addition to the company’s structure of Tensis Sp. z o.o. This allows, amongst other things, to diversify the product portfolio, including specialised substances and chemical formulations for various branches of industry.

The merger of PCC EXOL SA and Tensis Sp. z o.o., which achieves a synergy of operational, organisational, and cost operations. The company is authorised to conduct business in the Brzeg Dolny subzone belonging to the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone. The investment in the production of high glycolic glycinates and oxyalkylates begins. These products are used for the production of cleaners and cosmetics.



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