Thanks to our involvement and passion for creating, our surfactants are inversal. They set the trends for a modern lifestyle and create the future.

GRI: [G4‑56]

Vision and Strategy

We create the world of surfactants, create innovation and operate responsibly. Thanks to our involvement and passion for creating, our surfactants are universal. They set the trends for a modern lifestyle and create the future. It is this part of chemistry which always surrounds us.

Our Values

Sustainable development is an integral part of the PCC Group’s business culture. The challenges that confront us in global economic and social trends are driving us to what is most valuable today.

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Chemical innovations, production flexibility, responsible transport and sustainable energy are the qualities we combine in one organism. Today, the PCC Group, which contributes 3,000 employees, opens up the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. We are looking for market niches and we are aware of changes. We are not afraid of difficult topics, but we are curious about them and enthusiastic. What is new triggers a desire for knowledge, frees up imagination and creativity. An excellent example of this approach is PCC EXOL, which develops dynamically and sustainably. In a time of intense competition in the surfactant market, thinking about responsible business is a must. We want to invest, grow, and create new products in a sustainable way. In pursuit of achieving harmony in pursuit of economic, environmental and social goals, we have established an open dialogue with stakeholders. We identify their needs, not only in an economic context. Such activity is a factor of the long-term success of the company. It creates our image, contributing not only to potential profiti ncreasing, but promotes values concerning a symbiosis with the environment and the responsibility towards the communities in which we operate.

Waldemar Preussner

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Creating sustainable chemistry is a key strategic goal of our company, which we consistently implement based on a number of values defining our identity and defining the direction of our actions. Being a global company, we also propagate the idea that adherence to elementary values is the overriding action of all our stakeholders. Only a joint initiative, which is based on mutual trust and respect, allows for effective implementation of the assumptions of the definition of Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.


  • we implement modern technology
  • we look for new uses for our products
  • we work on new solutions for our customers


  • we work with passion
  • customer satisfaction is enhanced by creativity
  • we are open to new ideas and bold projects


  • we act in a fair and transparent manner
  • we act in accordance with applicable laws
  • we respect the diversity of all our stakeholders


  • we promote diversity in the organisation
  • we care about the environment and its resources
  • we support the local community


  • we care about safety at work
  • we identify risks and counteract potential threats
  • we use good practices in the quality and safety of our products


  • we complement our knowledge and share it with our colleagues
  • we learn the latest trends and take part in creating them
  • we are happy to use the knowledge and experience of our stakeholders


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