Mutual understanding of needs is the starting point for effective communication and thus fruitful cooperation.

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The fundamental value of our Company is to build stable customer relations. Our objective is to provide our customers with stable values, and the measure of its implementation is the level of contractors’ satisfaction. In producing chemical substances of the highest quality, we ensure the highest standards of customer safety and quality.

Customers Safety

We minimise potential threats to our clients by constant adaptation of our practices to changing legislation and market needs.

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An important aspect of conducted production activity is ensuring the safety of stakeholders cooperating with our Company. We are aware of risks triggered by the contact with chemical substances. We constantly adapt our practices to changing legislation and market requirements, as well as to comply with applied legal regulations, both domestic and international. We properly label our products, sell and constantly monitor their quality, which significantly reduces the level of existing risk.

REACH and Sustainable Development Manager

A health and safety impact assessment is conducted for all products offered by the Company.


The production and sale of chemical substances requires significant actions to be taken to protect the health of the customer. The safety of people and of the environment are key aspects of our activity throughout the entire life cycle of our products. Informing our customers about the risks and principles of using our products is an elementary action during every order realisation.

There have been no cases of non-compliance with legal regulations and voluntarily applied codes concerning the health and safety impact of the products we offer.


Harmonisation of the provisions on classification, labelling and provisions related to transportation, is introduced by the Global Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). As a production company in the chemical trade, we comply with all guidelines resulting from the applicable law, and we ensure the safety of all our customers. We are aware that the proper labelling of our products is an important element in this and in maintaining good customer relations and our good name.

As part of the correct labelling of products, labels include basic information on product name, producer’s name, address data and the weight information of the packaged product. In addition, with reference to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 of the European Parliament, and of the Council of 16 December 2008 on the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures, on the packaging of our products, the following will be seen:

information on the name of the substance with its identification number

pictograms identifying or indicating the type of hazard

statements indicating the type of hazard

precautionary statements

There have been no cases of non-compliance with legal regulations and voluntarily applied codes concerning the supplied information and labelling of our products.

Type of product information required for customer information and product labelling

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Origin of products components  
Composition, particularly for substances which may have an environmental or health and safety and social impact  
Products use safety  
Product waste and environmental or social impacts  
the list of first aid measures  
toxicity and environmental effect of products  
storage and transportation conditions  


We meet the requirements imposed by the current Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of 18 December 2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). Effective implementation of the assumptions resulting from legislation has been entrusted to a qualified REACH employee whose task is to collect product regulatory data, obtain in-house information and search for new data.

We implement actions aimed at meeting the REACH Regulation assumptions by means of:

  • cooperating with suppliers and customers to secure pre-registration of substances which we place on the market
  • registering all substances which we manufacture or import
  • verification of manufactured substances due to chemical contamination issued by the REAH Regulation and other related legal acts.



In our product portfolio, we will continuously increase the share of biodegradable products on offer.

All of the Company’s core products have detailed Safety Data Sheets which take into account exposure scenarios for those products that are subject to REACH Regulation.

The Safety Data Sheet is a source of information about all the basic physical-chemical parameters of offered substances and the possible hazards that can be caused by them.


The Safety Data Sheet is divided into 16 sections. These contain information on the following:


As a result of maintaining the highest production standards, we have obtain for our products a number of certificates attesting to their quality and wide use.


Most of the surfactants produced by us, are intended for the production of detergents and personal care products. They are products of everyday use, therefore, their biodegradability is very important. We conduct research and certification in this scope in cooperation with the Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry (IPO), which conducts biodegradability tests in accordance with the principles of Good Laboratory Practices. In every case where the product reaches a biodegradability of more than 60%, we obtain a biodegradability certificate.

among the amphoteric surfactants, 100% is aerobically biodegradable and 50% have IPO certificates

in the case of anionic surfactants, 100% is biodegradable and 60%  have IPO certificates

among non-ionic surfactants, 66% is biodegradable and 45% have IPO certificates


ECOCERT is one of the main eco-label marks for products that is considered reputable by natural product manufacturers and suppliers. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have undertaken certification of four products manufactured by us. These have been awarded the EcoCert and EcoCert Cosmos quality mark.

In 2016, the level of offer of our aerobically biodegradable products had reached  71% of all our proffered products.


So as to fulfil a number of strict requirements concerning the transportation of raw materials, production and storage, we have undertaken extra certification of 13 products manufactured by us. These have obtained the Kosher Certificate. Having such a certificate has allowed us to start cooperation with new receivers and expand our offer in terms of sales of certified products to regular contractors.


In order to protect the privacy and personal data of our customers, we have implemented a number of internal regulations covering elements of obtaining, collecting, processing and protecting all collected data about our customers. An important element of this is our Information Security Policy. Its overriding objective is to regulate the obligation to ensure the protection of personal data that is adequate to the hazards and methods of safe processing of personal data. It is in full accordance with the legal regulations applicable in this scope. Supervision over the implementation of the guidelines is exercised by the Administrator of Information Security (AIS), appointed pursuant to the Resolution of the Management Board, whose obligations are regulated by the aforementioned Information Security Policy.

No reasonable complaints have been identified regarding breaches of privacy or loss of our customers’ data.



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