By attaining new markets and unlocking hitherto unknown business areas, we promote sustainable chemistry, geared towards rational use of resources and safeguarding the natural environment.

GRI: [G4-EC7]

Our Business

We continually strive to increase the value of our company, effectively using our potential, innovation and resources. We maintain a strong position as a leading surfactant manufacturer in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. We acquire new markets and discover unknown areas of business. We promote sustainable chemistry that is geared towards rational use of resources and care for the natural environment.

Our Investments

Our investment plans include the continuation of investment projects started in the scope of increasing the volume of specialist products, improving their profitability and implementing new ventures. Through our investments we consistently increase the production capacity of our installations. The investment plan for the years 2017-2020 includes projects with a total value of approximately PLN 36.5 million.

POTENTIAL approx. 40,000 T/year

Produces nonionic and amphoteric surfactants

Investment Plans:

  • Construction of a plant for the production of glycinates and plant for production of high-alumina polycarbonates, 2017-2018, worth PLN 14.1 million, production capacity increase by 15,000 t/year.
  • Reconstruction and modernization of buildings and technological installations of apparatus and production equipment, 2017-2019, worth 2.3 million PLN.
  • Replacement of electrical switchgear and power supply system and the supplementation and modernisation of the equipment of the control and measuring equipment, 2019-2020, worth PLN 6.1 million.

The realisation of the investment will easily satisfy the higher demand of customers for the products manufactured by the company and introducing new products into our offer and building the potential for further product development of the company.


Produces non-ionic surfactants

Investment plans:

  • Adaptation of the control and visualisation system to new operational needs, 2017-2018, worth about 500,000 PLN.


Produces anionic surfactants

Investment plans:

  • Reconstruction and modernisation of buildings and technological installations, 2017-2019, worth PLN 1.9 million
  • Implementation of the installation of a new wet filter to expand the portfolio of new specialist products, 2017-2018, worth PLN 1.2 million.


Produces anionic surfactants

Investment plans:

  • Expansion and modernisation of technological plants, 2017-2019, worth PLN 1.2 million.
  • Expansion of the warehouse base to ensure adequate sales flexibility with an increase in the sales assortment (acid-proof storage tanks), 2019-2020, worth about PLN 3.5 million.


Produces cationic surfactants, industrial formulations and others

Investment plans:

  • Modernisation of the reactor plant and storage base, 2019, worth PLN 2.9 million.


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