Our success depends primarily on our employees. We are aware of the fact that it is only with their full cooperation and commitment that we will achieve our business objectives.

GRI: [G4‑DMA, G4‑4,…] G4‑DMA, G4‑4, G4‑5, G4‑8, G4‑13, G4‑15, G4‑18, G4‑LA6


We properly manage the competences and individual goals of our employees, enabling them to equally develop knowledge, skills and behaviours in a manner adequate to the needs and expectations defined by them. Based on transparent dialogue, we will always implement the accepted business strategy with the cooperation and commitment of all employees – through meeting their expectations.

Occupational Health and Safety

We have focused our efforts on employee safety and process safety in the production divisions. Management of occupational health and safety is a priority for us, and this we realise through the implemented policy in this respect. Such policy includes identification and assessment of risk or participation in actions implemented in the PCC Group. It is aimed at conducting business activity in a manner protecting employees, facilities and equipment.

We do not condone employees appearing at work under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs or other narcotics.

We are constantly striving to limit the negative impact of our business activities due to the fact that we belong to an industry with a potentially high risk of serious industrial accident. We take into account the focus on risks that may affect employees, local community and the environment. We maintain accident prevention programmes and carry out all reporting issues. We use modern technological solutions applied at the divisions, and our production processes take place in strictly controlled conditions, in a responsible and safe manner. We provide all employees with compulsory and regular trainings in the scope of occupational health and safety, and put in place and follow individual and collective measures to protect employees. In the case of absence of adequate personal protective equipment, employees shall have the right to refuse to comply with a supervisor’s order.


We constantly take all the measures necessary to achieve one of our main objectives – the absence of work-place accidents.

We provide our employees with safe and hygienic working conditions that meet and exceed the standards of the chemical trade.

Our concern for human and environmental safety is one of the priorities in our business strategy. We aim to reduce all types of hazards occurring in the working environment by taking actions aimed at, among others, accident prevention.



OHSAS 18001

In July 2016, we obtained a certificate of compliance with OHSAS 18001 standard, and the implementation of the requirements ensures effective monitoring of the working environment and allows us to better manage hazards identified at the workplace and in its surroundings. In addition, it confirms our commitment to maintaining and continuously improving occupational safety and health. Such a compliance also improves the labour standards of all employees of the Company, as well as that of the employees of external Companies working in our area.



The established Occupational Health and Safety Policy plays a fundamental role in all actions aimed at improving and ensuring safe working conditions. It contains a number of declarations in order to enhance the performance of our operations in the following areas:

  • improving the occupational health and safety culture
  • highlighting the importance and significance of prevention
  • providing a working environment where risk is controlled in such a way as to prevent injuries and the development of occupational diseases
  • being in compliance with all the legal provisions and other requirements to which the Company has committed itself
  • improving work environment organisation and conditions
  • upgrading qualifications, taking into account the role of employees and their commitment to OHS.

The policy has been approved by the Company’s President and every new employee is obliged to read its guidelines.



The PCC Group structure incorporates Chemical Rescue Groups. These consist of the employees of individual production departments who are especially trained to be first-responders to health and life threats.



All process safety is supported by the trained and experienced On-site Rescue Team within the framework of outsourcing contracts. The team operating in the PCC Group in Brzeg Dolny consists of 32 people and its task is to coordinate and conduct all rescue operations. As part of preventive measures, evacuation exercises are held regularly, both for employees of production divisions and for administrative employees.




The property is protected under outsourcing contracts by trained and qualified teams of a very reputable security firm. They conduct security activities for the PCC Group Companies in Brzeg Dolny and Płock.




Optima is a programme implemented in the PCC Group Companies. Its aim is to ensure a more than adequate level of safety, law and order in the workplace, to eliminate losses and waste, as well as to improve quality, to make the best of the introduced solutions and to increase employee satisfaction. Our objective, with respect to the implementation of the programme guidelines, is to optimise processes related to particular areas of the Company’s operations, reduce failure rate, maximise safety and efficiency, as well as to guarantee transparent communication and continuous improvement.

In 2016, we implemented the 2nd step of the programme, the effects of which are visible in the improvement of employees’ approach to order and organisation at the workplace.


We will gradually implement the following steps of the OPTIMA program.

“My idea for…” INITIATIVE

“My idea for…” is an initiative of the PCC Group employees in Brzeg Dolny. It aims at creating a well-organized, orderly and safe workplace while maintaining the highest possible operational efficiency.

The principles of the programme are based on the 5S philosophy and cover all its stages. Through it, standards for marking, descriptions and storage have been developed and implemented.

The concept of the programme is to involve the Company’s employees in actively shaping a positive work-place environment and safety culture. The OPTIMA programme gives employees the initiative to propose creative ideas to facilitate the Company’s operations. Since May 2015, employees of all the Companies within the PCC Group in Brzeg Dolny have submitted about 2000 ideas in the following categories: improvement of safety and ergonomics, enhanced environmental protection, product quality improvement, better work efficiency, as well as greater energy efficiency and waste minimization.


Because our employment does not exceed 250 persons, we are not obliged to appoint an official Occupational Health and Safety Commission. However, in order to maintain a proper dialogue between the Company’s employees, a Company Social Labour Inspector has been appointed. This individual is responsible for supervising the Company’s work conditions, ensuring a safe and hygienic work-place environment, and for protecting employees’ rights under the labour law.


We take into account the broadly understood notion of positive work environment, identifying and monitoring the Company’s operations in the area of occupational health and safety. We also take into account the assessment of indicators on the number of accidents, absences due to accidents and indicators covering frequency, severity and TRR of accidents.

In 2016, employees submitted 90 ideas to better this situation, out of which 26 were implemented.

Indicator of injuries, occupational diseases, absence from work and work-related fatalities according to regions and sex

Number of accidents Absence (days) Indicator
total fatalities serious collective frequency severity TRR
2015 employee from Brzeg Dolny 2 0 0 0 115 10,58 57,5 13,6
employee outside Brzeg Dolny 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
women 1 0 0 0 78 5,3 78 b/d
men 1 0 0 0 37 5,3 37 b/d
TOTAL 2 0 0 0 115
2016 employee from Brzeg Dolny 2 0 0 0 142 9,26 71 5,5
employee outside Brzeg Dolny 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
women 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
men 0 0 0 0 142 9,26 71 5,5
TOTAL 2 0 0 0 142 9,26 71 5,5


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