Our company is a combination of the most modern technology, experience, and effective operation in the area of design, production, and sales of surfactants.

GRI: [G4‑6, G4‑8]

About us

Our company includes chemical products, both of a mass-produced and specialised character. Within these two product groups we offer anionic, cationic, non-ionic, and amphoteric surfactants, as well as chemical formulations for many industrial applications. As a manufacturer focused on the individual needs of customers looking for universal and economic formulation components, the company is constantly expanding its product portfolio.

PCC EXOL SA in the world


We belong to the international PCC SE Capital Group, which total sales revenue in 2016 amounted to € 571.7 million *. PCC SE is based in Duisburg-Homberg, Germany, where a general strategy for all companies within the Capital Group is set at headquarters level. By making appropriate investment decisions, PCC SE creates conditions for the dynamic development of entities belonging to the Capital Group.

* data based on the first consolidated financial statements

PCC SE Activity


As of the publication date of the report, PCC EXOL SA is the parent company of the four subsidiaries and creates the PCC EXOL Group together with them.

Structure of the PCC EXOL Capital Group on the date of the report’s publication

In 2016, the PCC EXOL Group achieved a net profit of PLN 21.4 million, revenue of PLN 540 million and EBITDA of PLN 42 million.

The PCC SE Group in the World

*Factories, regional offices, representatives
**Headquarters of the PCC Group



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