Letter of the Management Board

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are very pleased to present you the third edition of the CSR Report issued by PCC EXOL Company. The gained experience, conclusions and observations of the previous year have allowed us to develop another compendium of knowledge about our organisation. It covers actions undertaken by the Company in the context of broadly understood sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. This publication is based on the Global Reporting Initiative 4.0 guidelines, and it provides a summary and assessment of our operations in the framework of economic, social and environmental initiatives.

As in the previous years, 2016 brought to our company, many interesting events and implemented actions. PCC EXOL SA, being a signatory of the UN Global Compact, tries to act in accordance with the key objectives of the global 2030 Agenda. The innovative solutions applied in the production of chemical products, taking into account ethical, social and environmental values, allow a rising of the standards binding in the Company and its environment.

The success of our Company is determined, however, not only by the financial results. Participation in social initiatives, active support for environmental protection actions and the promotion of diversity are, in the face of global challenges, a modern business obligation. As a global Company operating in the difficult and highly specialised chemical trade, we are compelled to undertake comprehensive actions in areas which directly concern us. Dialogue with stakeholders, concern for safety and responsible management are the priorities that we set ourselves so as to maintain sustainable development. We hope that this publication will confirm your conviction that PCC EXOL SA is making every effort to meet these challenges.



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